Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr. Talks About Importance of the Affordable Care Act at the Sankofa Education Alliances’ Annual Harambee Conference

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Friday, September 20, 2013,  Dr. Chris Hickey followed Dr. Eric Dyson in giving his presentation at the Sankofa Education Alliance Annual Harambee Conference in Washington D.C. The focus of his presentation was to explore and share perspectives relevant to the most significant and important questions and considerations that the African-American community needs to consider with respect to preparing for, and taking full advantage of The Affordable Care Act mandate. The presentation was very well received.

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Dr. Hickey Conducts Covered California Training for NAACP

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“My final day, this week, of training Outreach and Education Agencies in Sacramento. Included with the group was Alice Huffman, the Chair of the California NAACP. I was proud and honored to have her among the group I trained.”