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The Students are Getting EXCITED

The Students are Getting EXCITED!!

Time is Closing in on us Folks. I am Loving the Response and Support. The Students are getting Excited and Ready. We are still HOPING for our BIGGEST DAY OF ALL!!! We want to take full advantage of the MATCHING CHALLENGE!! Remember one of my FB Friends has offered what they are calling the “MAKE IT HAPPEN CHALLENGE.” They have pledged to match $ for $ all contributions that are made between Monday, August 26th and midnight September 1st. For each dollar you contribute they will match it to help us meet our target. WOW!!!! This is AWESOME!! So far we have received $270.00 that will be matched. We are heading for the HOME STRETCH, and the students are getting very EXCITED. We are asking for only $3.00 from each of my FB Friends, and we will MAKE IT HAPPEN! I am so appreciative for ALL OF YOU who has already contacted me and pledged your support, in all forms. Please SPREAD THE WORD: SHARE OUR LINKS. We can do this – Let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If Paypal is not your preference you can mail your contribution to: FreeSATPrepWorkshop c/o Chris L. Hickey, Sr. 309 E. Hillcrest Blvd. #364. Inglewood, CA 90301. Please make your tax deductible donation payable to Each One – Teach One Alliance. Thank you again for your consistent and loyal support. It has not been unrecognized.

The Paypal link can be found on the right side of the following web site:

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